What is HairPeace Pro® Wigstension?

HairPeace Pro® is a brand new revolutionary patent pending design that is an extension/wig line. HairPeace Pro® Wigstension is a custom hand made, all hand tied on lace, no tracks, so there is no evidence that you are even wearing a “Peace”. HairPeace Pro® Wigstension can be put on in under 30 secs- please see our video links for this! HairPeace Pro® Wigstension will save you money, time, and give you instant Hollywood Hair without the need of a hairstylist! Now who doesn’t want that!

What is Remy Hair?

Remy hair is the finest quality human hair. Remy Hair refers to 100% human hair that retains the cuticle layer, the outer most part of the hair strand, flowing in the same direction as our own hair does naturally. This prevents tangling and knotting. Our hair provides “A Good Hair Day, EVERYDAY!”

Will Extensions damage my hair?

We cannot speak for all extension products on the market, but we can confidently say that HairPeace Pro® Wigstension when used correctly will NOT damage your hair. Our 10 clip patent pending placement gives the “Peace” equal weight distribution, unlike other clip-ins that can leave bald spots from tension and wear.

How long will my HairPeace Pro® Wigstension last?

Depending on how often the “Peace” is being worn and care given to the HairPeace Pro® Wigstension it should last 12 months or longer. Being that it is a 100% Human Hair product there is not a guaranteed time frame that HairPeace Pro® Wigstension will last. This is an estimate based on the best quality care being given to HairPeace Pro® Wigstension. We do recommend washing and conditioning every 2-3 months based on usage. We have “how-to” videos to show how to do this. We also highly recommend a shine spray for the hair to be sprayed a couple times a week to keep the hair moisturized.

Can you wear HairPeace Pro® Wigstension if you have bangs?

Absolutely! One of our models Cassandra, has bangs and HairPeace Pro® Wigstension looks incredible on her! See our before and after photo section!

Aren’t extensions expensive and require long term maintenance?

The short answer is – some are – yes. Extensions that are permanent and stay attached to your head for 8 -10 weeks cost between $1500- $3500, take around 7 hours to put in, 1 hour to style after every shower and need to be replaced every 3 months. Now who has the time and money for that! With HairPeace Pro® Wigstension you can pick from our 13 color selection or get a color custom made for an additional cost, that takes around 30 secs or less to put it, you can style it off your head so you know from every angle you and your “Peace” will look flawless. Our pricing makes having extensions affordable and time saving and our quality is second to none.

Can I wear a HairPeace Pro® Wigstension if I have extensions on my head?

Yes, you can wear multiple extensions at the same time. The HairPeace Pro® Wigstension can lay on top of your hair for a fuller and voluminous look with permanent extensions or clip ins underneath. If you are going for the long to short look, your permanent extensions will fit in the small stretchy pouch area at the lower back section of the HairPeace Pro® Wigstension.

How will my HairPeace Pro® Wigstension stay on?

HairPeace Pro® Wigstension has 10 clips that are specifically designed and placed for equal distribution of weight around the wig/extension unit. This “Peace” has been #RollerCoasterApproved #SkateBoardingApproved #LeafBlowerApproved #AllWeatherApproved #ConvertibleApproved and the list goes on. We have personally tested HairPeace Pro® Wigstension to give you the confidence to do whatever adventure or everyday activity you choose to do with no fear of having an embarrassing falling off moment.

Can I color my HairPeace Pro® Wigstension?

Yes, but we highly recommend depositing color only if you go this route. We strongly advise that you NOT take HairPeace Pro® Wigstension to a lighter shade with bleach or lightening, as we can not guarantee the outcome of this and it could possibly ruin the HairPeace Pro® Wigstension. HairPeace Pro® Wigstension is 100% Human Remy hair and may deposit color as you would your own hair. However, since there are many color products on the market, we highly recommend you test the color in a small hidden area of HairPeace Pro® Wigstension to see how the color works.

Return Policy

At HairPeace Pro® ALL SALES ARE FINAL- NO EXCHANGES and NO RETURNS due to industry hair standards. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns regarding your order. We want our clients to be happy and will do our best to make sure that happens with each HairPeace Pro® order!

Can I style & blend my HairPeace Pro® Wigstension?

Yes, because HairPeace Pro® Wigstension is 100% Remy human hair, you may style as you would your own hair. A 2 inch wide by a 4 inch length “Peace Part” and the framing of hair around your face is all that has to show of your actual hair on this product. Blending is very easy and all depends on the look you would like to achieve, layered, long, straight, wavy, etc. Please remember this product does not grow, so trim/cut in small stages until you reach your desired look! Please see our video section for “how to put on your ‘Peace’”

How does HairPeace Pro® take long hair to short hair? How is that possible?

HairPeace Pro® Wigstension can be as short as your shortest layer from you 2 x 4 inch “Peace Part”. We have instructional videos on how to achieve this look! It’s a quick change with no commitment and no awkward regrowth time!

Can you tone HairPeace Pro® Wigstension in blonde shades?

Your HairPeace Pro® Wigstension can be toned with deposit ONLY color. NO ammonia or lifting. We also recommend washing your “Peace” with colored shampoos, violet/gold- to obtain the look you are trying to achieve first!

Can I wear wet hair under my HairPeace Pro® Wigstension and only dry the top 2×4 and edges?

Absolutely! The isolated hair that is hidden under HairPeace Pro® Wigstension can be damp since it is not seen. This saves you time and energy when getting ready and is totally unique and unlike any other product on the market!

What is the size of my HairPeace Pro® Wigstension?

Average head size circumference is around 22 inches- the HairPeace Pro® Wigstension is 21 inches for a comfortable fit. There is also an adjustable hooks in the nape area of the “Peace” to tighten as desired.

Can I perm my HairPeace Pro® Wigstension?

We do not recommend perming your HairPeace Pro® Wigstension. Perms can be damaging and ruin the HairPeace Pro® Wigstension. Even though the HairPeace Pro® Wigstension is 100% Remy Human Hair, we strongly advise against it.